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After five years of innovative program design and implementation at the Father Ed Judy House shelter for homeless families, I was promoted to the Director of Marketing and Communications for Catholic Charities where I sharpened my strategic, marketing and fundraising skills.  Drawing on this experience, I am actively pursuing a leadership position where I can improve the lives of people in our community.

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Director of Grants, Community and Parish Relations for the Catholic Foundation Alliance  January 1, 2015 – April 17, 2014, Denver Colorado

Director of Marketing and Communication for Catholic Charities, managing the Development Department for Catholic Charities, April, 1 2014- December 31, 2014, Denver Colorado

Program Director of Catholic Charities, The Father Ed Judy House, Semi-Transitional Family Homeless Shelter and Post-Shelter Services Program, September 2008 – March 2014 Catholic Charities, The Father Ed Judy House, Denver Colorado

Social Caseworker Case Manager Catholic Charities, The Father Ed Judy House,  June 2007- September 2008, Denver Colorado

(Complete list of supporting documents and links: Resume Support Page)



2014-2015 Managed the Development Department for Catholic Charities for the Archdiocese of Denver to include direct supervision of  Fundraising, Marketing, Communications, Public Relations, Volunteers, Grants, Digital Media and Events.  In this role I led a team of seven people and two contractors.  Reporting directly to the CEO and President, I participated in strategic planning as well as provided support to the Board of Directors as a member of the executive management team.

Here is a link to my October report to the Board of Directors.  This document illustrates the scope of the work my team was responsible for: Development Department October 2014.


2014-2015 As the Director of Marketing and Communications I provided fiscal oversight for my department budget of $1.1 million inside the total agency budget of $22 million.

2009-2014 As the Program Director of the Father Ed Judy House I developed an annual operating budget for the shelter program, monitored spending, and maintained the financial procedures required by the agency to implement the budget.


2014-2015 As the manager of the Development Department for Catholic Charities, I led the efforts to raise funds on behalf of the agency.  Utilizing a variety of tactics, we conducted direct mail appeals, launched online fundraising campaigns, solicited public and private grants, and hosted large fundraising events.  Three highlights include:

  • The 25th Anniversary Celebration of The Mission homeless shelter in Fort Collins. After many years without an event, this reception was designed to reinvigorate the Mission’s community of support. We raised $33,530 and laid the foundation for more regular fundraising events.
  • Colorado Gives Day 2014. Intentionally nurturing our online community during the summer and fall paid off during Colorado Gives Day when we raised $329,000, up from $170,000 in 2013.  Here is the promotion video: 
  • The Beacon of Hope Gala 2015. Thanks to the help and dedication of countless volunteers, this year’s Beacon of Hope Gala raised $734,000, netting $614,000 to support Women’s Services across the agency (up from $420,000 in 2013.) With 1,010 people in attendance, it was an amazing evening to highlight our ministries. (Link to coverage in the Denver Catholic: )


 2014-2015 As the Director of Marketing and Communications an effort to increase the public’s awareness of what Catholic Charities does in northern Colorado, my department increased resources allotted to social media development, we focused on telling compelling stories, created a variety of tangible videos, and met with program directors to support their marketing needs.  Working the Gabriel Group to manage direct mail appeal campaigns, we sent out five direct appeal letters donors which raised over $612,000.  Additionally, we systematically rolled out a new logo which reflected our changing brand.  Here are a few examples of this work:


 2014-2015 As the Director of Marketing and Communications I was responsible for managing our outward facing image, including press releases, responding to press inquiries, being a thought-leader for the agency and managing our digital image. Examples of this include:

  •  My participation in the neighborhood approval process for the Holy Rosary Shelter:  I worked with local residents to gain permission for a temporary, overnight emergency shelter for single women experiencing homelessness.
  • An editorial I wrote on domestic violence for the Denver Catholic Register,

 2008-2014 As the Program Director of the Father Ed Judy House, I was responsible for:


2010- 2014 Developed Post-Shelter Services Program at the Father Ed Judy House to support families moving back into the community.  The post-shelter component of this ministry provides on-going, voluntary services to families including counseling, case management, crisis intervention, and advocacy around public benefits, domestic violence and navigating the court system. Families can access donated furniture, emergency food, help moving from transitional to permanent housing and social/emotional support.  At the end of fiscal year 2012-2013, 96% of families participating in this program remain stable in their housing, offering a promising and innovative tool in the prevention of chronic family homelessness.

2009 -2010 Transformed the Father Ed Judy House from a Semi-Transitional Shelter Program into a Domestic Violence Services Program, serving survivors of domestic violence who are safe but remain homeless, and providing services that address these unique needs, including parenting support, counseling and trauma-informed care. In fiscal year 2011-2012, 83% of families entering shelter successfully moved into stable housing.


 2009- 2013 As the Program Director of the Father Ed Judy House, I was responsible for:

  • Implementing a 24 hour, 7 days a week shelter and post-shelter program serving women with children in the community to help them remain stable.
  • Creating and maintaining Policy and Procedures that meet the Council on Accreditation Standards, for service, safety and ethics.
  • Developing, measuring and reporting annual program goals consistent with agency mission.  Here is a link to the 2014 Annual Plan that I developed.  Additionally, here is my first quarter report for 2012-2013.  Each quarterly report ties into that year’s annual plan.
  • Collecting data based on demographic information, consumer surveys, focus groups, and exit evaluations; reporting outcomes; researching and implementing best practices.
  • Hiring, training and supporting case workers, overnight family advocates and other support staff
  • Recruiting, engaging and supporting volunteers as a means to leverage grass-roots community support. Here is a link to a volunteer recruitment video: 
  • Facilitating weekly staff meetings, biannual staff retreats and special events designed to promote a team environment, reduce compassion fatigue, develop innovative responses to client needs, and keep the program grounded in sound ethical practice.
  • Developing and maintaining a consistent ministry message consistent with the larger agency mission


2013 Promising Practice Site -Colorado Economic Opportunity Poverty Reduction Task Force nominated Catholic Charities, Father Ed Judy House as one of several “Promising Practice Sites,” recognized October 2013 during the first annual Colorado 2019 Summit.

2011 Workshop Presented Our Alumni Program: Improving Housing Stability Workshop at Housing Colorado Now Conference, Vail Colorado, October 2011.

2011 Purple Ribbon Award for Outstanding Executive Director, presented by the Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence, June 2011


Rocky Mountain Communities 2013- 2014 Member of the Board of Directors, Chair of the Resident services Committee

Eiber Neighborhood Association  2012- 2014 Member of the Board of Directors

Housing Now Colorado, state-wide affordable housing group

  • 2012 Conference Co-Chair, Homes Today Sustain Tomorrow
  • 2011 Conference Co-Chair, Home:Work building healthy communities
  • 2008 – 2010, 2013 Conference Planning Committee Volunteer, Resident Leader Host 2010, 2011

The Human Services Network 2009 – 2011, Member of the Board of Directors, Chair of the Marketing Committee

Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence 2009- 2014, Region II Chair 2009, 2010

Metro Denver Homeless Initiative 2009-2014, Coordinating Committee, Point-In-Time Coordinator for Domestic Violence Programs 2011, 2012

Metropolitan State College of Denver School of Social Work Field Instructor 2009, 2010


Metropolitan State College of Denver, 2003 – 2007, Bachelors of Science Social Work (BSW)

College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia 1987- 1990

(Complete list of supporting documents and links: Resume Support Page)



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